Nondiscrimination Policy

ADA Accommodations

The City of Lacey provides reasonable accommodations to the public with disabilities. We invite you to contact the Parks, Culture & Recreation Department two (2) weeks in advance of the date a program begins or forty-eight (48) hours before meetings to discuss any special accommodations which are necessary. Individuals with disabilities may register for any program offered by the Lacey Parks, Culture & Recreation Department provided program requirements can be met and the safety of other program participants is not affected. Accommodations will be determined on a case-by-case basis.  To request an accommodation, please call our office at 360-491-0857 or email us at

Specialized Recreation Programs

Lacey Parks, Culture & Recreation provides special services programs to area residents in cooperation with Thurston County Parks and Recreation. These programs strive to meet the needs of people with diverse abilities. For more information, please contact Thurston County Parks and Recreation 360-786-5595. For the hearing impaired, the TDD number is 360-754-2933.

Gender Equity Policy

The City of Lacey does not discriminate against any person on the basis of gender in the operation, conduct, or administration of community athletic programs or sports facilities. Any citizen who feels she or he has been the victim of discriminatory treatment in violation of this policy should report this concern to the Parks, Culture & Recreation Manager.