Greg Cuoio Park & Greenways

In April 2021, the City launched the Greg Cuoio Park & Greenways Master Plan development process. The project area, located between the Crossroads and Hawk’s Prairie neighborhoods just north of I-5, encompasses 537 acres of public open space, including Greg Cuoio Park, Pleasant Glade Park, and Palm Creek Headwaters.

These parks and surrounding greenways’ pristine wilderness, wetlands, and creeks throughout the site, represent a truly unique asset to the City and our community. The site’s natural amenities will enhance Lacey’s overall park system with a focus on passive recreation and minimizing our footprint on the land.

Important goals for Greg Cuoio Park include:      

Accomplishing these goals, while creating a place for visitors and residents to experience and learn about this incredibly unique area, have been one of the biggest challenges of the master planning process. The community’s involvement has been invaluable in this project. Now, we are setting the stage for Phase 1A to be open by 2024!

Project-Area Background

The project area’s existing park and greenways are located in the northern part of Lacey’s urban growth area. They are largely undeveloped and dominated by mature forests, streams and creeks, wetlands and other natural systems. The park and greenways include a few informal trails. View or download the full Master Plan here.

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