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Register A Historic Property

Properties are nominated to the Lacey Register of Historic Places. The Lacey Historical Commission reviews and recommends nominations to the City Council for designation. The process takes approximately four to six months. Property owners intending to apply for special tax valuation for the coming year must be nominated by October of that year.

To successfully nominate a building to the Register, you must document both its physical and cultural history using a Lacey Register nomination form.  The nomination should demonstrate why the property being nominated meets the criteria in the Lacey Municipal Code (LMC 16.53.030) for historic designation.

Register Designation Criteria

Register Designation Criteria

Any building, structure, site, object, or district may be designated for inclusion in the Lacey Register of Historic Places if it is significantly associated with the history, architecture, archaeology, engineering, or cultural heritage of the community.

To demonstrate its significance, the property must:

  • Have historical integrity
  • Be at least fifty years old, or is of a lesser age and has exceptional importance
  • Fall in at least one of the criteria below:
    1. Is associated with events that have made a significant contribution to the broad patterns of national, state, or local history
    2. Embodies the distinctive architectural characteristics of a type, period, style, or method of design or construction, or represents a significant and distinguishable entity whose components may lack individual distinction
    3. Is an outstanding work of a designer, builder, or architect who has made a substantial contribution to the art
    4. Exemplifies or reflects special elements of the city’s cultural, special, economic, political, aesthetic, engineering, or architectural history
    5. Is associated with the lives of persons significant in national, state, or local history
    6. Has yielded, or may be likely to yield, important archaeological information related to history or pre-history
    7. Is a building or structure removed from its original location but which is significant primarily for architectural value, or which is the only surviving structure significantly associated with an historic person or event
    8. Is a birthplace or grave of an historical figure of outstanding importance and is the only surviving structure or site associated with that person
    9. Is a cemetery which derives its primary significance from age, from distinctive design features, or from association with historic events, or cultural patterns
    10. Is a reconstructed building that has been erected in an historically accurate manner on the original site
    11. Is a creative and unique example of folk architecture and design created by persons not formally trained in the architectural or design professions, and which does not fit into formal architectural or historical categories

Nomination Process

Any person or group may nominate a building, structure, site, object or district for inclusion in the Lacey Register of Historic Places.


Learn More

Read the City of Lacey Historic Preservation ordinance (LMC 16.53) to become familiar with the process for nomination, design review, and potential tax benefits.



Conduct property research in order to prepare the nomination form and associated documentation in consultation with City staff.  A site visit with staff and/or Commission members may be required.


Prepare and Submit Nomination Form

Submit the completed nomination form and associated documentation to:
Lacey Museum Curator
Lacey City Hall
420 College St. SE
Lacey, WA 98516

If all materials are digital, they may be submitted by email to Erin Quinn Valcho, Museum Curator at Incomplete applications cannot be accepted.  Contact staff if you need assistance.


Staff Review

Staff will review the application for completeness and once approved for review, the application will be considered at the next regularly scheduled Historical Commission meeting.


Property Owner Notification

Staff will notify the property owner(s) of the nomination if different than the nominating party.


Lacey Historical Commission Review

The Historical Commission evaluates the merits of the nomination at a public meeting as outlined in the Lacey Municipal Code (LMC 16.53.030B) and according to current Commission policy.

If the Historical Commission finds the property is eligible for placement on the Register, a signed statement from the owner must be received stating their willingness to have their property listed in the Register.


City Council Review

The Historical Commission submits their recommendation to the Planning Commission and Lacey City Council for their review. Once the City Council approves the designation, the property is officially added to the Lacey Register of Historic Places.


Public Acknowledgement

The City will provide a plaque for installation on the property with the property’s owners’ agreement.

The City of Lacey promotes the preservation of buildings, properties, and sites with historical and cultural importance for the benefit of the community.

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Historical Commission

The Commission oversees the City of Lacey’s historic preservation program.

After Historic Designation

Learn more about the process for design review after a property is listed on the Register.

History Links

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