Depot Park

The Lacey Depot Building is available to the public from April – October to use its indoor picnic tables and for private rentals. Reservations may be submitted the first working day of April, for April 1 – October 31. The City also hosts community events at the park.

The Lacey Depot Building, City of Lacey’s 50th Anniversary Landmark Project, is a near replica of the original depot, which opened in 1891 in the same area. It serves as the focal point of Lacey’s new Depot District and:

  • Complements future museum project and provides a lunch location for school field trips and other groups.
  • Acknowledges the rail industry’s role in Lacey’s history and evolution as a City.
  • Connects the past (historic train depot) to the future (new museum/cultural center/Depot District).
  • Provides trail amenities for Karen Fraser Woodland Trail users.

The Lacey Depot Site includes (year round):

  • A Train-themed play structure, open to park visitors from 7:00 a.m. – dark, daily. In celebration of their 50th Anniversary, the Lacey Rotary Club donated $50,000 to the project.
  • Two Restrooms (accessible from the outside of the building)
  • Drinking Fountain
  • Three Historic Markers (Lacey Depot and Lacey Plywood Plant, both formerly located on this site, and a timeline of key events in Lacey and the Lacey Rotary Club’s history)