Planning & Projects

Lacey Parks, Culture & Recreation coordinates planning for parks, open spaces, sports facilities, and community buildings. The Parks & Recreation Comprehensive Plan, updated every 6 years, functions as the primary instrument for identifying and implementing local parks and recreation planning goals and objectives.

Current Projects

Current Projects

Greg Cuoio Park & Greenways

In April 2021, the City launched the Greg Cuoio Park & Greenways Master Plan development process. The project area, located between the Crossroads and Hawk’s Prairie neighborhoods just north of I-5, encompasses 537 acres of public open space, including Greg Cuoio Park, Pleasant Glade Park, and Palm Creek Headwaters.

These parks and surrounding greenways’ pristine wilderness, wetlands, and creeks throughout the site, represent a truly unique asset to the City and our community. The site’s natural amenities will enhance Lacey’s overall park system with a focus on passive recreation and minimizing our footprint on the land.

Greg Cuoio Park

Greg Cuoio Park (2720 Carpenter Road NE) This 407-acre undeveloped site will provide active and passive recreation balanced with preservation of woodlands and wildlife habitat, environmental restoration, and water quality protection. The current Master Plan is now available.

Pleasant Glade Park

(5011 Pleasant Glade Road NE) This 32-acre undeveloped park site features a small pond, 2,120 feet of Woodland Creek frontage, a small picnic area and open lawn. The current Pleasant Glade Park Concept Plan includes passive recreation opportunities such as trails, ropes course, and outdoor education center. Since this park sits in the middle of the open space covered by this master planning process, some components of the concept plan could potentially be applied to the greater adjacent park and greenways area. In addition, parts of the concept plan may get revised as part of this master planning process.

Palm Creek Headwaters

(2345 Covington Court NE) This 87-acre undeveloped site will eventually provide passive trails balanced with preservation of woodlands, wildlife habitat, trails and water quality.

Past Projects

Past Projects

Lacey Depot & Playground


The Lacey Depot Building, City of Lacey’s 50th Anniversary Landmark Project, is a near replica of the original depot, which opened in 1891 in the same area. It serves as the focal point of Lacey’s new Depot District and:

  • Complements future museum project and provide a lunch location for school field trips.
  • Acknowledges the rail industry’s role in Lacey history and evolution as a City.
  • Connects the past to the future.
  • Provides trail amenities for Karen Fraser Woodland Trail users.
Site Amenities

The Lacey Depot Site includes:

  • A train-themed play structure, open year ’round to park visitors from 7:00 a.m. – dark, daily. In celebration of their 50th Anniversary, the Lacey Rotary club donated $50,000 to the project.
  • Two restrooms, accessible from the outside of the building.
  • Drinking fountain.
  • Two historic markers: Lacey Depot and Lacey Plywood Plant, both formerly located on this site.
Virtual Dedication

Take a virtual tour of the Lacey Depot!

Rainier Vista Skatepark

In July 2020 the skatepark was upgraded with replacement platform guards and ramp armor panels along with an update look and new color.

Rainier Vista Pickleball Courts

In the Fall of 2017 four pickleball courts were added to Rainier Vista Community Park. Drop in play is available during park hours, dawn to dusk.  With the popularity of pickleball, community response and use of the courts has been overwhelmingly positive!