Projects and Plans

Lacey Parks, Culture and Recreation coordinates planning for parks, open spaces, sports facilities, and community buildings. The Parks, Culture and Recreation Comprehensive Plan, updated every six years, functions as the primary way we identify and implement goals and objectives to meet the community’s needs for parks and recreation.

Greg Cuoio Park & Greenways

In April 2021, the City launched the Greg Cuoio Park & Greenways Master Plan development process. The project area, located between the Crossroads and Hawk’s Prairie neighborhoods just north of I-5, encompasses 537 acres of public open space, including Greg Cuoio Park, Pleasant Glade Park, and Palm Creek Headwaters. Follow along with the progress of this park on the City’s Project webpage!

The project area’s existing parks and greenways are located in the northern part of Lacey’s urban growth area. They are largely undeveloped and dominated by mature forests, streams and creeks, wetlands and other natural systems. There are also a few informal walking trails. View or download the entire Greg Cuoio Park & Greenways Master Plan.

New Lacey Museum & Cultural Center Project

The museum will be an east anchor of the City’s new Depot District (see map below), which is in close proximity to the historically rich and significant Saint Martin’s University. The Depot District will be an inviting, walkable area of Lacey, which will connect Lacey’s past; considering the replica of the historic depot and the artifacts that will be housed in the museum – to Lacey’s future; considering the larger space needed and the innovative exhibits, programs, education, and community gatherings that will take place there.

The museum campus will provide vitality to the Depot District with a train-themed playground, picnic tables, and restrooms. The museum campus will provide a picturesque space for families, students, and community to gather and has the additional benefits of walkability and connectivity with a focus on cultural heritage, historic preservation, and civic value and identity. Follow along with the project’s progress here!

Parks, Culture & Recreation Comprehensive Plan

In September 2023, Lacey completed the six-year update to its Parks, Culture & Recreation Comprehensive Plan and is available below for your review. 

Parks, Culture and Recreation Annual Reports

Lacey Parks, Culture and Recreation is proud to share our annual accomplishments with the community.