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Located in the heart of Lacey’s historic neighborhood, discover Lacey’s surprising and fascinating past in the charming 1928 Russell House, once a residence, fire station, and Lacey’s first City Hall.

We tell vibrant stories of Lacey and the South Sound’s past through exhibits, guided tours and walks, history talks, programs and more. We also have a wealth of information and thousands of historic photographs to help you in your own interest and research.

The Lacey Museum is part of the City of Lacey’s Parks, Culture & Recreation Department.

Upcoming Events

Frank Mullen shows his fishing catch while on the dock at Pattison Lake, 1943
History Talks!

Discover something new about the people and places that came before. Engage your mind by learning from these fascinating speakers!

Historical Commission

The Historical Commission provides leadership in raising awareness of Lacey’s history and preservation of local historic resources.

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Temporary Exhibitions

Mochida family awaits a bus
Righting A Wrong: Japanese Americans and World War II

November 12, 2021 – May 1, 2022

The Lacey Museum invites you to a special exhibition examining the complicated history and impact of Executive Order 9066 that led to the incarceration of Japanese Americans following the attack on Pearl Harbor. Some 40 years later, members of the Japanese American community led the nation to confront the wrong it had done—and urged Congress to make it right.

The poster exhibition is brought to you by the Smithsonian Institution.

visitor looking at museum exhibit
From Parlor to Podium

November 12, 2021 – May 1, 2022

Did you know that the first woman to vote in Washington state was from Thurston County and that it was 50 years before the 19th amendment was ratified? You’ll learn about the many twists and turns along the way to women’s suffrage in Washington in this exhibit brought to you by the Washington State Historical Society.

Core Exhibitions

Shaping Our Community Together: 50 Years as a City

Lacey Museum and Lacey City Hall

Explore the stories that took the small farming community of Woodland and turned it into the city of Lacey we know today.

Find out why you leave and enter Lacey multiple times on Martin Way, what finally forced the residents of Lacey to create a new city, and how Lacey got its name.

Destination: Lacey!

Lacey Museum

In the 1920s, Lacey’s five lakes became a destination for regional vacationers. Entrepreneurial locals developed their property with attractions like water slides, high dives, dance halls, and roller skating rinks. Discover more about this fascinating time in Lacey’s history and what happened to the 20 resorts that dotted the shores of Lacey’s lakes.

Learning in Lacey

Lacey Museum

From its first one-room schoolhouse in 1853 to the largest school district in the county, education has always been an important part of the fabric of the Lacey community. Take a nostalgic trip through the school room, including trying out a slate chalkboard or sitting in school desks from a bygone age.

Saint Martin’s University and the adjoining abbey have been a focal point of the Lacey community since it opened in 1895.

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