Parks, Culture & Recreation Board Resources


Thank you for joining the Lacey Parks, Culture & Recreation Board. Your service to the City of Lacey is welcomed and appreciated.

The information provided here will guide you in learning more about the Commission, its work and how you can be an active participant.

City of Lacey summer concert and movie night on, Aug 5, 2022.

Parks, Culture & Recreation Board

The Parks, Culture & Recreation Board – formerly known as the Park Board – was created by Ordinance 132 and adopted on March 12, 1970. The name was changed to the Parks, Culture & Recreation Board in January of 2023.

The 8-member Lacey Parks, Culture, and Recreation Board, are comprised of seven general commissioners and one youth representative, plans for the acquisition and development of all parks and trail systems within the city. The board also offers recommendations to the City Council regarding planning, acquisition, construction, development, maintenance, and operation of Lacey’s public recreation facilities and recreational programs. The board selects its own chairperson from its membership.

Municipal Code

LMC 2.44.010 Creating the Board

LMC 2.44.020 Membership Terms

LMC 2.44.050 Board Authority, Powers, and Duties

Work Plan and Accomplishments